Pool Repair Services in Columbia, SC

If your pool is suffering from years of weathering, spotty upkeep or is just plain getting on in years, it’s time to give it the due diligence it deserves. Can Do Plaster Crew is ready to provide you with a full range of services, designed to restore, modernize and safeguard your pool against many more years of fun to come. Our full range of capabilities includes:

pool resurfacing


Feeling rough patches with your feet as you walk around in the shallows of your pool? Noticing visible blemishes on its surfaces? Age and use can create visible detractors over time that require remediation before they develop into larger issues. Our team is comprised of resurfacing experts who will restore the smooth, clean façade you demand from your pool. Consult with us today about pool resurfacing in Columbia, SC to schedule an inspection for a free quote.

pool plastering


If you’re building a new pool or have extensive damage to your existing pool that requires repair, consult with us for plastering work. We’re adept at identifying problem areas and working within a plaster medium to correct them. We can handle plasterwork of any size and scope.

pool lighting


Pool lighting is a great way to add ambiance to your pool and increase its appeal. Lighting requires expert oversight to install and maintain, however, which means trusting our professionals to facilitate any lighting work you may need. From bulb replacements to new lighting installation, we’re on hand to help.



If you’re moving away from outdated tiling, repairing damaged tiling sections or are installing brand new tiling for a more complete pool finish, Can Do Plaster Crew is here to help. We’ve got a tremendous selection of tile options to choose from and can bring sample with to help you get an idea of the quality and allure our tiling bring with it!

pool deck

Deck Repair

Pool decks are subject to damage for a number of reasons, not least of all exposure. If your pool has a need for pool deck repair in Columbia, SC, know we can assist you. We can repair existing blemishes, restore segments and address instabilities that may be affecting your pool’s integrity.

For all things involving your pool, trust Can Do Plaster Crew. Backed by decades of experience and a penchant for providing good, quality workmanship on every job we take on, we’re ready to service your pool to the fullest levels of excellence. For more information about our abilities, please call 803-361-2064 today.