How Often Do You Need to Replaster a Pool?

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For anyone who has a plastered pool, you know that the day will come when you need to perform replastering. That means setting aside a budget to have the work done. After all, what good is it to have a pool if it looks unappealing and isn’t fully functional?

In general, it’s recommended to replaster your pool once every 10 years. However, there are numerous factors that come into play, meaning you might need more or less time than that general rule of thumb.

When it does come time for pool plastering in Columbia, SC, trust the Can Do Plaster Crew to do the job right. Read on to learn more about the timeline to expect for replastering your pool.

Why replastering your pool is necessary

Let’s start with why you’d want to have your pool replastered in the first place. The first consideration is the pool’s look and feel. Replastering can eliminate many stains from the pool and make it look just as good as the day it was first installed. It should be noted that if the stains are mineral in nature, they will need to be addressed before replastering to avoid having them return.

It’s also important to replaster because this material acts as a layer between the pool’s shell and the water. If there are thin or bare spots, that’s a sign that replastering the entire pool is necessary for a uniform result.

What to look for

There are several signs that your pool probably needs replastering:

  • Uncomfortable swimming: If you take a dip in the pool only to find scratches and abrasions on your skin upon getting out, this is one sign that the plaster is wearing thin. It’s also possible that jagged plaster could tear through your swimwear and scratch you.
  • Mineral stains: Minerals like copper and iron can stain the plaster and ruin the pool’s overall appearance. This is a sign that the plaster needs to be replaced, though we should note that the mineral stains will need to be addressed prior to replastering.
  • Gunite appearance: Pools are typically constructed using gunite or shotcrete to make the basin’s structural support. This means that the plaster acts as a waterproof layer giving the pool a uniform look. Once you start to see that the darker material underneath is appearing, it’s likely time to invest in replastering the entire pool.

Do you need to schedule pool resurfacing in Columbia, SC? You’ve come to the right place. The Can Do Plaster Crew gets superior results thanks to our extensive experience and expert workmanship. We hold ourselves to the highest standards when it comes to taking care of your pool. Your pool will be both beautiful and functional when we’re finished with it. Our pool repair services are second to none in the region, and we do it all—from tiling and deck repair to replastering, lighting and resurfacing. Give us a call today at 803-361-2064 to learn more about how we can make your pool shine!

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