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How much ambience do your current pool lights create? If they’re boring white pool lights, they probably don’t do much for your backyard at night. Many homeowners in Columbia, SC are turning to LED pool lights to create a beautiful new backyard look. Not only are LED lights versatile, but they also save energy and are convenient to use. Here’s why you should consider upgrading your pool lights or adding LED lighting to your new pool installation.

Why have pool lights at all?

The primary function of pool lights is for safety. If you’re swimming at night, the pool needs to be illuminated so you can avoid obstacles or falling in. It also makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on their children—as you know, pools can turn deadly in an instant.

An attractive ambience is a side benefit to pool lights. Not only do they light up the water at night, but they can cast an attractive glow all around your backyard. It’s pretty enough when you have white lights, but imagine the possibilities with colored and color-changing versions!

Types of LED pool lights

There are two broad categories of pool lights: floating and underwater. Here are some of the variations available:

  • Floating: Adding floating LED lights gives you the opportunity to add different colors as you desire. There’s no need to get rid of your old white pool lights when you can simply drop these waterproof lights into the water. They emit a bright, soft glow. Most allow you to select a specific color or enjoy a changing rainbow array. This is especially fun for parties—you can light up the backyard with the guest of honor’s favorite color or illuminate the pool to go with your theme.
  • Underwater: It’s also possible to retrofit your old pool lights with new, energy-saving LEDs. This simple task takes very little time to complete. It doesn’t require much effort to install new pool lights, most of which offer the same color-changing, energy-saving features that floating lights do. Just make sure your pool contractor matches the voltage to your preexisting wiring.
  • Fountains: Finally, you can get LED fountains for your pool or spa. They easily attach to your pool return. The fountains send up an attractive spray of illuminated water, which provides a dramatic visual effect. Plus, if you love the sound of running water, you’re sure to find these fountains quite soothing.

Installing new LED pool lights in Columbia, SC is a great way to transform your pool’s look. Plus, kids and adults alike love the bright, ever-changing colors. Investing in pool light installation is also a great way to get use out of your pool, even when it’s too cold to swim: make it the visual centerpiece of your backyard by turning on the lights and opening your shades.

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