Pool Renovation Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

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Pools are great for recreation, relaxation and exercise, but building, maintaining and upgrading them can be costly. Thankfully, there are a lot of great pool renovation ideas in Columbia, SC that won’t break the bank. If you want to upgrade your pool, but you don’t want to spend too much on an expensive renovation project, keep reading for some cost-effective ideas.

Whether your pool is getting old or it simply doesn’t have the ideal features or design elements for your needs, upgrades are a great way to get the most out of your investment. Unfortunately, upgrading a pool can be expensive, but thankfully there are lots of ways for property owners to save money on a pool renovation project. Here are some of the best pool upgrade ideas in Columbia, SC that are both affordable and offer great return on investment:

  • Lighting improvements: Lighting can make a huge difference in the way a pool looks, not to mention its safety and accessibility. Investing in quality LED lighting is a relatively inexpensive upgrade option that can totally transform the atmosphere of your pool. LED lights also make swimming after dark safer and reduce the risk of people accidentally falling into the pool when it gets dark outside.
  • Saltwater system installation: Traditionally, pools have been equipped with chlorine systems to keep water clean and free of contaminants. However, saltwater swimming pools have become increasingly popular in recent years. One of the reasons why saltwater swimming pools are so popular is that they tend to be gentler on the eyes and skin, which is great for people who are sensitive to chemical exposure.
  • Efficient equipment upgrades: Another great way to improve your pool’s performance while cutting costs is by investing in energy-efficient equipment. This is one of the best cost-effective pool renovation ideas in Columbia, SC, since it allows pool owners to maximize the performance and reliability of their pool systems while cutting down on energy waste and reducing energy costs over time.
  • Tile installation: Accent tiles can make a pool look a lot more polished, and it doesn’t take a lot of money to get tile installation if you plan strategically. Look for tile options that are discounted and choose strategic tile placement to avoid excessive installation costs.
  • Pool resurfacing: If you have a little bit more flexibility in your budget, one of the best pool renovation ideas in Columbia, SC is to have your pool resurfaced. Pool resurfacing is a good option for pools that are old, outdated or damaged, since it restores the surface to a fresher, like-new condition. Resurfacing offers a lot of great benefits, including improved aesthetic appeal, boosted property value and better pool performance.

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