What Are the Coolest Pool Deck Surfaces?

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A swimming pool is a significant investment. You want to make sure the surrounding surface is inviting, durable and works well with your setting. What are your options? Following are the pros and cons of the most common pool decking options. From pool patio decks to concrete surfaces, each has something unique to offer for pool owners.

Poured concrete

Water-resistant and durable, poured concrete remains a top choice for pool decking. This option reduces the risk of slipping when walking in bare feet across the pool deck. It can be poured in nearly any shape to create the pattern you would like for your pool. It’s also an economical option.

The downside to concrete is that it requires professional installation. If you prefer a DIY project, the concrete should be 6 feet by 6 feet or smaller. Larger pool decking areas should be poured by professionals to avoid breakage and other undesirable results.

Precast cement pavers

This alternative to poured concrete offers diverse options to create pool patio decks with various geometrical shapes for interesting patterns. Choose from different tones and create the look you want. These are also DIY friendly. The main downside to precast pavers is instability. If they are installed over gravel or sand, they may sink and create an uneven pool decking surface.


For another DIY option, you may want to consider brick. It is fairly simple to install and is available in a variety of patterns and colors. However, each brick must be set, which makes installation quite time-consuming. Additionally, bricks can feel very hot on bare feet, since they absorb heat.


Wood can be used for pool patio decks; however, it is important to choose the right type of wood. Look for exterior woods that repel insects and water. Wood can provide a great way to update your pool decking, since it can be installed over concrete or brick. On the downside, wood typically requires refinishing every three or four years to maintain performance and appearance.

Stone tile

Stone tile options include sandstone, travertine and limestone. These offer a natural look for your pool decking. Lighter colors can provide a cooler surface than other materials, such as bricks. It is soft and smooth, allowing for considerable comfort underfoot. The downside? Cost. Stone is a premium pool decking material. You’ll pay more for this option than the others, and it will probably require professional installation.

Surface coatings

These coatings, made of epoxy or polymer resins, can be used to cover existing concrete pool decking. They resist UV rays, pool chemicals and water, offering a non-slip surface that is smooth and attractive. However, if your pool decking has settling issues or cracks, this option cannot repair those problems.

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