4 Reasons Why You Should Renovate Your Pool Now

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Having a pool is one of the great joys in life. When the weather is sizzling in July, you and your friends and family have the option to take a dip and cool off. Unfortunately, just like everything else, your pool has a finite lifespan.

You may be thinking, “Okay, when should I remodel my pool?” There’s no wrong time to renovate your pool, but having it renovated in the spring or fall is better than the summer. This is because contractors are typically booked up through the summer and you don’t want your pool to be closed during the prime warmer months.

Is pool remodeling a good investment? This article should help to answer that.


Old buildings are renovated after a certain period of time because they are no longer safe—why would your pool be any different? Over time, the tiles on your pool may become cracked or chipped, and the chemicals holding up the tiles may contaminate your pool.

People could also cut their hands or feet if they accidentally touch broken tiles. You can also implement new safety features during renovation like a fence and gate (if you don’t already have them) and alarms that could alert you if someone is in the pool area or even underwater.


If your pool was built by someone else, you may want to change some of the design concepts around. If you’re unsatisfied with how your pool looks, you may be wondering, “When should I remodel my pool?” If not now, then in the spring before the weather turns sunny so that you and your family can get maximum usage out of it.

If your pool’s design is outdated or if you have something more aesthetically pleasing in mind, then you should consider having your pool renovated, because you’d be more likely to use your pool if you enjoy its appearance.

Numerous repairs

A pump replacement and a few chipped tiles might be inconvenient, but they wouldn’t necessarily be a reason to renovate your pool.

If you find that you are having to repair multiple sections of your pool with an increasing frequency, you might want to think about renovating your pool.

This applies most directly to structural issues like the ground beneath your pool or its walls, as those are larger problems that likely require more than minor repairs.

Raises value

Is pool remodeling a good investment? The answer is a resounding yes. Renovating your pool not only increases its value, but it makes your home more appealing to potential buyers as well.

Having a pool that’s old and broken down might actually be a negative when trying to sell your home, while a sleek new pool with advanced technological features could be just the thing to push the sale of your home across the finish line if you ever intend to move.

Call to discuss renovating your pool today

There are several reasons to renovate your pool, and the article above simply offered a few. If you’d like to take the plunge and have your pool renovated, call us at the Can Do Plaster Crew. Our pool experts have over two decades of experience in the industry, and we’d love to help provide you and your family with the pool you’ve always wanted.

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