How to Know When You Should Retile Your Pool

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In January, summer may feel like a distant memory, but if you live in the American Southeast, warm and sunny days are just a few months away—and hot days mean great weather for swimming or lounging around your pool.

Depending on how old your pool is, you may be asking yourself questions such as, “When should I replace my pool tile?” or “What is the average cost to retile a pool?” Whether your pool is tiled at the waterline or all the way through, it would behoove you to know when to get it retiled, and that’s what this article will cover.


When you should replace your pool’s tiles will depend on several different factors, one of which is the age of the tile itself. Inlaid tile that is laid underwater into the mold of the pool will likely wear out faster than waterline tile which (as the name suggests) is set just above the pool’s waterline.

In any case, if your tile is between 10 and 20 years old and is showing some other signs of deterioration, you should consider having your pool retiled.


At times you may have wondered, “When should I replace my pool tile?” If there’s visible staining, you could definitely consider retiling your pool.

Despite your best efforts, having tiling exposed to wind, water and other weather conditions can cause it to become faded, discolored or stained with white spots.

The minerals from the water and the tiles’ grout are the likely culprits, and since cleaning them isn’t always cheap or easy, replacement should be contemplated.


Cracked tiles can really put a damper on your pool’s aesthetic appeal. They are also inconvenient for you to try to fix yourself, as you’ll need to remove multiple portions of the tiles that are cracked without damaging any of the neighboring tiles.

And that’s before you try to lay down a new tile. If you find that more than one of your pool’s tiles are cracked, you may want to look into retiling your pool.

Tiles falling off

This is the nightmare scenario for any pool owner, as missing tiles not only look bad, but they expose the underlying grout and chemical compounds used to secure them when they fall off—and those aren’t things you want floating around in your pool.

If you notice tiles falling off immediately after having them installed, it’s likely that they weren’t put in correctly, so you’ll need to have someone come out and fix it, if not retile your pool completely.

Grout corrosion

This may be the underlying cause of your tiles falling off. The grout between the tiles can become gradually worn down by repeated exposure to water and compromise your pool tiles’ structural integrity.

What is the average cost to retile a pool? It comes out to anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000, depending on several factors like the size of the pool, the type of tile, other necessary repairs and labor costs.

Call to replace your pool’s tiles today

Now that you know when you should retile your pool, call us at the Can Do Plaster Crew. We have over 25 years of experience in the pool repair and maintenance industry, and retiling is one of our specialties, so call us today to elevate your pool’s look with some brand-new tiles.

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