When Should I Make a Pool Resurfacing Appointment?

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Every pool owner has, at some point, asked when should I resurface my pool? Even when you maintain your pool, it will need resurfacing from time to time because of the chemicals used for maintenance, weather conditions, and swimming. Here are a few signs that will tell you your pool needs resurfacing.

Peeling or Flaking Plaster

Peeling or flaking plaster is referred to as spalling in pool terms. It occurs when the calcium or pH levels of your pool are low. As a result, a calcium compound called calcium hydroxide dissolves, hence the peeling and flaking. When this happens, the solution is resurfacing.

Surface Stains

There are several reasons for surface staining on the pool, with the biggest culprits being salt, calcium, and copper. These three compounds cause the sides of the pool to discolor, giving them a blueish-gray hue. As much as most people try to clean the stains with acid wash, they can end up causing more damage.

Plaster Discoloration

With time, your pool’s original color will start fading. Maybe it had a gray or blue color, but now it is starting to look dull. This can be caused by bleaching out and is usually noticed on the pool’s top steps. For this issue, there are two ways to address it. Either add a tile of pebble finish on areas that are prone to bleaching, such as the steps, or resurface the pool.

Rough Pool Floor

Over time, your pool floor can have a rough texture caused by the chemical decomposition of the outer surface. One of the benefits of resurfacing your pool is that you get to enjoy that smooth surface that was there when your pool was still new.

Spider-Like Cracks

If you inspect the bottom of your pool, you may notice cracks that resemble a spider’s web forming on the surface. Others call them eggshell cracks, but it basically means the same thing. This is the effect of hydrating cement, which can be worsened when the pool is drained and left to sit under the sun for a long time. The only solution to eliminating this eyesore is by resurfacing the pool.

Rust Stains on Surfaces

Small stains always become worse when ignored, and they can be very unsightly. One of the ways to get rid of rust stains is by cutting out the affected parts and patching. The downside is that the patchwork can ruin the appeal of the pool. Pool resurfacing is the easiest and smoothest way to fix it.

Cracks in the Outer Pool structure

If you notice your pool draining water more than usual, the issue could be a leak. Look for cracks around the pool’s edges or even at the base. If you notice cracks, the pool needs resurfacing. Before the pool is resurfaced, the cracks will have to be fixed. Not doing that is like using a band-aid on a wound that needs stitches.

At Can Do Plaster Crew, we offer great pool resurfacing services. Our team of experts will analyze the problem, then let you know the best way to fix it. Give us a call whenever you notice any of the mentioned signs.


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