5 Tips to Get Your Pool Ready for Summer

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Getting your pool ready for summer during early spring lets you enjoy some outdoor moments when the temperatures get warmer and maybe have a pool party. To make the pool ready, you need to make the water safe for swimming and check the pool equipment to ensure it is in proper working condition. Here are some tips to get your pool ready for summer.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

The first thing to do is clean the pool thoroughly. The swimming pool water cannot be in good condition after a long period of non-usage. Leaves from nearby trees, dust, and other debris can get into the pool, making it dirty. To clean the pool, start by removing leaves and other large debris. Remove the smaller debris using a pool vacuum cleaner. Don’t forget to clean the edge of the pool, its cover, and the roller shutter. 

Check the Technical Systems

After cleaning the pool thoroughly, it’s crucial to check the technical systems. You need to check whether all the equipment is functioning properly and if any parts need replacement or repair. Some of the things you need to look for include poor water quality and excessive backwashing. If the water quality is poor despite thorough cleaning and disinfecting, it could be the filter, pump, and chlorinator are not working properly and need replacement. You also need to do the following:

  • Clean the filtration equipment
  • Do a copper ionization systems maintenance if you have a chemical-free pool
  • Check the heater

You also need to conduct a safety check by ensuring the drains are properly covered and installing a pool fence. This is crucial for preventing accidents at the pool.

Top Off the Water

Top off the water in your swimming pool so it can reach its ideal levels. The pool may have lost water during the winter season, especially if it’s not frequently maintained. If the water level has fallen below the skimmer box, the pool pump can burn out easily if you run it. Always make sure the water levels are at the right level every time to avoid such problems.

Disinfect the Swimming Pool

The pool may collect a lot of bacteria during the off-season. Disinfect the swimming pool to eliminate microorganisms and make it safe for swimming. Chlorine is the most used disinfectant, but you can still try other options such as salt electrolysis. 

Have the Water Tested by a Professional

It’s crucial to have your water tested professionally. It makes sure that the chemical levels are properly balanced. Simply take a sample of the water to a swimming pool store for testing. They will test the water’s suitability for swimming, and in case of a problem, they can advise you on which chemicals you need to adjust. 

You can test the water using pool testing strips if you love DIYing. 

If you have been looking for ways on "how to get my pool ready for summer," now you have the answers. After the preparation, have a proper maintenance schedule to ensure that your pool is always ready for use and safe at any time. 

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