My Pool Light is Broken- What Do I Do?

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Do you have a swimming pool in your backyard? Are you asking “If my swimming pool light is broken, how do I fix it?” Everyone who owns a swimming pool knows how much lighting can enhance the pool’s appearance while allowing it to be used securely once the sun goes down. However, the moment may come when you are wondering if it is necessary to replace the bulb or housing altogether. Continue reading to learn more about replacing your pool lighting.

Reasons for a Failed Pool Light

Are you asking “What are the steps to fixing my pool light?” There are many steps involved, but first, you must find out the reason your pool light failed in the first place. There could be many reasons why your pool light has failed. The most common reason is that the light is not working but has power, or it is not working but has no power.

The issue is much easier to deal with when power is still running to the pool light. This just means that the problem is limited to the bulb or fixture itself. This means that the bulb or fixture must be replaced. A bulb won’t cost you as much to replace as the entire fixture, so this is often what is looked at first. If it has been concluded that you need an entirely new fixture, one must be acquired that is exactly the same as the one you have now.

Several things can go wrong with pool lights that can cause them to not function correctly. It isn’t always easy to diagnose the reason cut and dry. Maybe you have a leak if there is water present in the fixture itself. A faulty lens gasket is mostly to blame. It is a rubber seal that sits between the lens and the housing. This could be caused by the deterioration of the conduit seal. However, most of these issues are things you should not try to repair yourself, even though there are many DIY guides out there.

So, what should I do?

Now you are probably wondering what you should do since DIY guides are not the correct way to go. Even though pool lighting repairs aren’t rocket science, homeowners are still strongly advised not to perform their own repairs or replacements unless they are licensed electricians. This is a job that should be left to the professionals.

There are many pool service technicians that you can call that are qualified to handle these types of repairs. This may consist of determining if a short circuit is present and checking if the GFCI has been tripped. Once a professional is able to diagnose the issue, they will be able to quickly remove and repair a broken pool lighting fixture.

Keep in mind that the labor to repair a pool light can cost anywhere between $200-$250 depending on the complexity and location of the repair. The cost of a new pool fixture can cost anywhere between $300-$400 in addition to the labor.


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