Pool Lighting Ideas 2022

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Are you looking for some pool lighting ideas? They can be a bit of an afterthought when you first plan your backyard features, but they shouldn’t be. Having lights installed both in and around your pool is important to use the space from day to night effortlessly. There are also many stunning looks that you can achieve. Read on to find out what some of these wonderful ideas are.

Ideas for Pool Lighting

Here are some pool lighting ideas 2022 that you can implement yourself.

Flickering Flames

If you are looking to make an impact on your pool, you can try framing it using statement fire bowls. You can instantly enhance your swimming experience using the flickering flames which will cast beautiful light across the surface of the water. Additionally, they will provide warmth to a patio nearby as well for a cozy vibe outdoors.

Furthermore, if you have any plants nearby, they can easily be lit up from beneath to show off the texture and form of your plants, which enhances the pool landscaping after dark.

Light Up Walkway

You can also try lighting up your walkway alongside your pool. This ensures safety, especially at night. It is important that you have sufficient lighting to see where you are going and you don’t fall in accidentally.

A row of recessed spotlights to line the side of the raised decking is a very exceptional solution. The warm pools of light will highlight the patina of the boards underneath them.

A large, bright pool light in the water ensures that everyone can see their boundaries and enables you to have a late-night swim without any safety issues.

Light up Trees

If you want to make your outdoor space feel more enchanting, consider outdoor string lights on nearby trees. They are also affordable and versatile. You can wrap them around a cluster of trees that are adjacent to the pool to give off a twinkly, magical view from various angles. These lights will go unnoticed because they will shimmer in the water. Using simple spotlights will allow the pool to glow while wall lights that are attached to the outside of the home will give an extra boost of illumination.

Use Lanterns Around the Pool

It may not be easy to choose between the best outdoor lights, since there are so many options available to transform your space come dusk. However, you really can’t beat going back to basics by using oversized lanterns and filling them with candles, either LED or real. These will create a romantic, fairytale-like vibe that is not easy to resist. You can simply place them around the perimeter of your pool to give off an enchanting scene that will be a joy to spend time in after dusk.

Install Wall Lights

This is just another example of how outdoor wall lights can play a role in ideas for pool lighting. If your swimming pool is close to your home, a garden wall, or a pool house, then you should really consider using this space to install wall lights. There are many styles to choose from, such as timeless ornate designs to minimal metal. You will surely find a style to suit the exterior of your home and landscaping plans.

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