Signs Your Pool Deck Needs Resurfaced

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When is it time to resurface my pool? Pool deck resurfacing is an important aspect of home upkeep that is simple to overlook. The need to have a deck resurfaced depends on how well you have maintained it. There are many reasons why a person may need to have their deck resurfaced and many signs to show you that it is time.

Signs It’s Time for Pool Deck To Be Resurfaced

Here are some signs your pool deck needs to be resurfaced. 


Staining can occur on concrete pool decks a lot more often than you’d imagine. If the concrete surrounding your pool is white, it is only a matter of time before staining occurs. Many factors play into how quickly concrete will begin to stain, including salt, dirt, chemicals, chlorine, hard water, and animal waste.

To fix staining issues, you can choose to have your concrete deck sanded or ground down to reveal a new surface. The new surface can then be painted or stained to cover the discolored area.


Peeling and flaking are also common issues related to a pool deck. These issues arise due to moisture. Water overflow and transfer from your pool can result in pool deck surfaces sustaining premature damage. Flaking concrete is repaired by refinishing or sanding. If you have wood decking around your pool, you can also have it refinished, but you must examine the interior damage of the boards prior. If you notice rotting, you will have to replace your deck entirely for safety reasons since rotted wood can be unsound.


Cracks are bad signs. Cracks usually occur on concrete decks and can indicate that the ground underneath your pool is moving. The cracks can damage the joints that are laid under your pool’s foundation.

If this sounds like your problem, you will have to have a major remodeling project completed. Look out for signs of shifting. If you have a wooden deck, your boards may start to splinter and buckle.


You can repair damaged or uneven surfaces by resurfacing your pool deck. Discoloration may occur for various reasons, typically caused by sun damage. It can also occur due to incomplete paint application or exposure to pool chemicals. You can easily apply an acid-based resurfacing treatment to the surface of your deck to remove discolorations from the area.


Having your pool deck resurfaced is one of the easiest repairs here. The texture is important to prevent cracks. The uneven texture can cause water to collect or seep into cracks on the deck’s surface. The texture of the deck can also be intentional or decorative and indicate more damage to come.

Pool resurfacing is easy to manage. If you are looking for pool resurfacing in Richland County, contact a local professional to help upkeep or repair your pool deck.

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