Choose the Right Winter Pool Cover for Full Protection and Ease.

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Do not leave your pool exposed to the elements this winter. A quality pool cover can change the whole atmosphere around your pool year-round. Can Do Plaster Crew is your swimming pool contractor for all your pool cover and pool repair needs in the Columbia, SC area. 

Perks of a Winter Pool Cover

  • Water Savings – The water will naturally evaporate from your pool over the winter months. A pool cover can drastically reduce the amount of water that leaves your pool, saving you time and money when you open up the pool back up in summer. 
  • Heat Retention – If you plan on using your pool throughout the year your water heating system will need to work a lot less, and your water will stay warmer longer with a proper cover. This can mean shorter wait times for the water to get comfortable, less heating costs, and more convenience in general. 
  • Debris Protection – The amount of debris that can collect in a pool, even those not directly underneath a tree is substantial. A pool cover will save you money on cleaning costs when you reopen by protecting your pool from any type of wind-blown debris and dust. 
  • Safety – Pool covers do not serve as a 100% guaranteed safety feature, so you still need a fence to keep children and pets fully supervised. However, a good pool cover does provide an additional layer of protection for your pets and children during the off-season. 

How To Choose a Winter Pool Cover

Choosing a winter pool cover does not have to be complex. First, recognize your specific needs and the pool size. Do you plan on closing up the pool for the whole season? Or are you interested in opening it up a few times even in the cooler months to enjoy a dip in heated water? The professionals at Can Do Plaster Crew can help you go through the process of choosing a winter pool cover that meets all of your unique pool needs perfectly. 

Do not leave your pool exposed when you can save money, energy, water, and time with a quality pool cover that is easy to remove when needed and recover again and again. Enjoy the health perks and fun of a pool year-round, and for many years to come with the experts at Can Do Plaster Crew. Contact us today with your pool measurements so we can help you get the winter pool protection you need. Call (803) 361-2064.

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